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Fiona Wallace


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A Sense of Place

I live in North West Tasmania, close to the Cradle Mountain World Heritage area. My work responds to my love of the landscape with its unique plant life, using local materials for colour and glaze. I draw my designs from life and then carve them into wood texture plates and rolling pins, using these to create each piece individually. The kiln adds the final touch - the ash glaze develops in unpredictable ways, running and reacting with the Savage River iron ore to highlight and expose the designs.

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ceramic surfaces

My favourite endemic is the Nothofagus gunnii, or Tasmanian alpine beech. It is the only deciduous tree in Tasmania, and to many Tasmanians its autumn colours of red, yellow and gold are worth travelling any distance to see. That's not to say that it isn't beautiful at other times of year - in its first flush of brilliant spring green, or its bare, knotted winter branches, this alpine delight is always worth seeking out.

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